During Job interview: I love working with people, I’m very outgoing, social, I’m very patient and I love to help in any way I can, and I also think the customer is always right and deserves to be treated with respect 

After Job interview: 


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Derek Overfield-charcoal on paper

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Derek Overfield is an American artist and graphic designer. His work focuses on the human figure, primarily the male figure, and explores themes of power, romanticism and mystery. His influences range from classicism to comic book art. Derek Overfield studied painting at Fairmont State College under the guidance of Lynn Boggess, and alongside his future wife and fellow painter Lauren Adams. He gained his Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts/Graphics in 2003.  Professionally, Derek has exhibited in numerous competitions and exhibitions. He has won several prestigious awards such as the Award of Excellence at the 2011 West Virginia Juried Exhibition at the Stifel Arts Center in Wheeling, WV. His work has been exhibited at Terra Gallery in Columbus, OH, the Elder Gallery in Charlotte, NC and can be found at His work is included in the collections of Fairmont State University and the West Virginia State Museum, as well as numerous international private collections. / Official website